Caapable is a professional service firm engaging globally in a wide range of business sectors including Finance, Technology, Healthcare, and Education.

We help our clients create companies, and make existing companies stronger and more valuable.

We build better businesses.

The Team

Our team includes CaaP experts with years of experience as a founder, an entrepreneur, an executive, an investor, a board member, and an advisor with the highest level operational participation. Our team consists of a network of top professionals with diverse cross-disciplinary backgrounds, to provide hands-on cross-function solutions in business law, business negotiations, business strategies, company structures, financial services, technology integration, and resource management, and to elevate our clients’ competitive advantages. The core members of the team are US-educated, US-trained, with firsthand startup and entrepreneurial experiences. We partner with financial institutions (such as investment banks), law firms, accounting firms, consulting companies, research institutions, manufacturers, and suppliers to provide one-stop shopping solutions. Caapable is headquartered in Los Angeles, US.

Expertise & Methodology

Being cross-functional and cross-boundary means that we bring people from diverse disciplines, backgrounds, countries, cultures, languages together to achieve a common goal. But more importantly, we provide rare experts of deeply integrated skills that are cross-functional and cross-boundary. We are not talking about “jack-of-all-trades”, but masters of the unique discipline of “Company-as-a-Product” (CaaP) encompassing ideation, formation, innovation, intellectual property (IP), finance, business strategy, and corporate structures and operations. Our expertise defines CaaP as a holistic cross-function discipline in converging intersections of business strategies, law, technology and financing. Frequently, a true CaaP expert has insights and skills to better define a new opportunity with optimal structures, paths and directions, and to further bring subject experts together to more efficiently solve a problem or create a new business, all in a way that is not possible in common organizational environment in which knowledge barriers block communication channels (be they cognitive, synthetic, somatic and pragmatic) and prevent integration. In this regard, our CaaP experts not only solve problems, but also create opportunities which would never even show up as a possible "problem" leading to a solution in a common organizational environment.

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